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We are proud to serve the New Orleans area. Call us today for a free quote. We serve the entire New Orleans area. If you have junk that needs to be removed from your home just call the Pros today for quick and professional Residential junk removal.

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New Orleans Junk Removal takes pride in being able to serve the New Orleans area and all the surrounding areas. We love meeting new people with interesting stories and backgrounds. We take pride in every job that we do. When you call our company, you can rest assured that drivers and loaders will be prompt and professional. Whether you own or rent a home, the pros at New Orleans Junk Removal can help get rid of all your old unwanted junk and debris. Just give us a call and text us pictures of what you need to have removed, and we will do our best to send you a quote right over the phone.

Services for Residential Customers

Trash outs- Owning rental properties can be a great source extra income. But it does not come without its difficulties. Often, when a renter moves or is evicted from a property, there is stuff left behind. When this happens, it is usually cleaned up and thrown away by the cleaners or the owners of the home. However, on the off chance that large amount of debris or trash is left, it may be easier on you to call the professionals. Our crew will come in and remove all unwanted furniture and debris and haul it away.

Furniture, Appliances, Clothes, and trash. We will move it all. Our trash out service provides you with a clean slate to start with so that you can get your home back to making you money again. While we love giving estimates over the phone, trash out usually must be seen to get an adequate view of the work needing to be done. Once seen, we give you a quote and a time of pick-up. So, if you need residential junk removal, call now.

Wast Removal

Who doesn’t love a home with great curb appeal? I know I do. The only problem with that is that it takes continual upkeep and work. While we are not a landscaping company, we are great at removing leftover waste from a garden remodel or tear out. If you decide to start fresh in your garden and have a pile of grass, trees, leaves and other debris, just give New Orleans Junk Removal a call. And if you are looking to have your garden done by a professional, make sure to check out our partners at Metairie Landscapes today.

Furniture / Appliance Removal

Furniture and appliances can be difficult to get rid of. If you can manage to get these heavy and bulky things out to the curb, depending on your trash company, they may or may not haul these things off for you. If your trash removal company does not pick them up, you can be left with unsightly furniture or appliances in front of your home for days or even weeks. Do not let this happen to you. Our team can come in and pick up your old furniture and appliances and make sure that they are properly disposed of.

Structure Demolition

We love tearing things down, whether you need more space in your yard or your current structure is failing. The pros at New Orleans Junk Removal can remove your structure safely and quickly. From sheds to playsets and even above ground swimming pools, we can tear it down and haul it away. We also can remove fences, decks, and construction debris.

Construction Debris

 Remodeling a home is a big undertaking. Along with a home remodel comes a lot of trash and debris. Often homeowners may rent roll off dumpsters to accommodate this. While these are a great option, they take up a lot of room and usually cost more than a junk removal fee. If you are going to require multiple trips to the landfill, a roll off dumpster is your best option. But if that does not fit your needs, then give us a call today and schedule your construction debris pick-up today.

Serving the People of Louisiana

We take pride in every job that we do, and we look forward to serving the residents of New Orleans for many years to come. Please call now for assistance or fill out a quote form for residential junk removal, and someone will get back to you soon. Make sure to check a message from our owner here.

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