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Pasco junk removal is locally owned and operated. It is our goal to be the number one company in Pasco. Pasco jump removal offers competitive pricing along with convenient pickup times. By providing exceptional service and the best prices we have carved out a large piece of the junk removal market in Pasco. If you are in need of any junk removal all it takes is one call to one of our technicians. Once all the information is gathered a price will be given. If that price is agreed upon we will set an appointment to come by and pick up all of your debris. Once our drivers are on the way they will give you a call about 10 minutes before arrival. Once the job is complete payment can be made via credit, cash, or Venmo.


Residential junk removal in Pasco


We take pride in serving the entire county. If you are in or near Pasco, we can handle your jungle mobile project. We do our best to meet everyone’s needs. With that being said we make sure to follow all disposal protocols and Florida lined out by the CDC and our local government authorities. 

 Make sure to use only ethical disposable techniques. That way you can trust that you’re drunk and debris is disposed of properly and does not wind up in the wrong place. When you choose to do business with us you are choosing the most affordable junk removal company in Pasco.



Commercial Service

Pasco Joplin mobile not only serves the residents of Pasco but also it’s commercial residents as well. We work closely with management and supervisors to make sure that any commercial junk removal is handled with professionalism and in a timely manner. We know what it’s like to have to juggle a multitude of things while trying to run a business. getting rid of unwanted debris and junk should not be something you need to worry about. That’s why you need to rely on Pasco junk removal for all your commercial junk removal needs.

Give us a call today if you need any commercial debris removed. If you have any office equipment or warehouse equipment that needs to be removed just give us a call and let us know. We’ll come by and take a look at it and give you a price right then and there. We can remove office furniture, electrical equipment, old commercial equipment and machines. And much much more. All it takes is one quick call or an online form. one of our technicians will get back to you within 24 hours to set up an estimate.

Competitive Rates

All our prices include pickup and dump fees. We do our best to keep our cost down and offer the most competitive prices in town.

Convenient scheduling

We offer convenience scheduling whether in the early morning or afternoon hours. We do our best to meet everyone’s need.

Open Weekends

We are open on weekends to better service our community. We know sometimes it’s too hard in the week to set up an appointment. So if you need a weekend pick up just give us a call and we can arrange it for you.

Serving multiple Cities

We are serving multiple cities around Pasco. If you are in the county and need junk removed give us a call today.

Pasco Junk Removal

We provide the Pasco community with an essential service. We do not only offer debris removal but also small structured demolition. We know things can get busy and things can get Backed up. If you find yourself in a situation where you need someone to help clean up and get rid of that unwanted stuff make sure to give us a call.


When you call our office you’ll be connected with one of our team. we will collect important information about your project including your name, address, and things you need removed. We may have you text us some pictures of your debris. Once you receive all this information you will be given a price and once that price is agreed upon by both parties we will set up an appointment to pick up your debris.

Mattress and Boxspring Disposal

We offer convenient and affordable mattress removal service. If you have an old mattress that needs to be removed all it takes is one call to one of our team members to set up an appointment. Mattresses can be bulky and hard to move. The local trash man will not pick up a mattress put out on the curb. so instead of putting it in your garage and waiting for an opportune time to bring it to the dump just give us a call. We will be glad to come by and take it away.


Hot Tub Disposal

Hot tubs are great to have. But unfortunately they just like any appliance they do age and once they reach a certain age they are no longer worth keeping up. if you find yourself in a predicament of having a hot tub that you no longer need or want give the professionals at Pasco jungle mobile or call. Our team members can remove the hot tub in one piece or have it it cut up and smaller pieces to make it easier to remove.

Junk hauling in Pasco

We take a variety of items. From cardboard boxes to old toys if you have it we can take it. If it’s time to clean out some clutter around your home or maybe clean out that garage Make sure you program Pasco junk removal in your phone. Once you pile it up give us a call and we’ll come pick it up. 

After doing junk removal for some time we have been asked to pick up some strange things. From old cars to large pieces of glass and old garden gnomes if it’s been thrown away we’ve seen it. But no matter what it is the point is is that we get the job done so give us a call today for a free estimate on all your junk hauling needs.

Yard Waste Removal 

if you are working in your garden or preparing for a new garden give us a call today. We can do a garden tear out for you or haul away all of the old plants and debris that you have pulled out the garden yourself. This debris can be heavy and burdensome. All it takes is one call and will come by cleaning up your yard and taking it all the way for you. Call today for a free estimate.

Dumpster Rental 


Sometimes it’s better to get a dumpster. We work with dumpster rental partners across the city. If you have a large project coming up and need a roll-off dumpster give us a call today. Dumpsters can be dropped off and picked up after the job is finished. We offer a multitude of sizes to fit every need. So if you’re one of those do-it-yourselfers who like to get things done but need a place to put your stuff, give us a call and we’ll drop off a dumpster today.

Furniture Removal

If you have old furniture that needs to go to the dump or move to a friend’s house we are the crew for you. We will take your old furniture and drop it off at Goodwill, the dump, or even deliver it within city limits to a friend. The point is if you need help we’re here for you. A lot of our clients like to set up their furniture removal the same day that their new furniture is arriving. This way you’re never without a place to sit. We do our best to accommodate every need.

House and Apartment Cleanouts

Whether you are an owner or a real estate agent when people move out things get left behind. When these things are left behind it is the owners responsibility to remove them so that they can prepare the house for the next tenant. This can be stressful and a lot of work. We specialize in house clearance and apartment clean outs. We also can help with estate sales and foreclosures.


Appliance Removal

If you are in need of appliance removal in Pasco we are the team for you. All of your old appliances will be disposed of properly. Either your appliance will be dropped off for repurposing or dropped off for recycling. Nothing goes to waste at Pasco junk removal.

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Getting it Done for You

We know things can get crazy around your house. That’s why we’re here to help. Our professional crew of haulers will take some of the burden off of your shoulders. Check out some of our reviews and listen to a message from our owner below.

Let us do the heavy lifting. There’s no point in hurting your back or risking injury. Just sit back and let the pros at Pasco junk removal take care of it for you.

I am so thankful for New Orleans Junk Removal. We recently moved into a new place. There were some old car parts left in the yard that was very heavy. All it took was one call for them to give me a quote. They came right over to my home and took it away.

Jone Diaz

They did a great job. I had to evict a tenant from my rental home in Pasco. They pulled out clothes, furniture, and old worn-out appliances for a great price. Will definitely be saving their number for future use.

David Smith

We actually called Pasco Junk for a shed removal/ We had an old metal shed that we were replacing. They came on a Saturday and had it removed quickly. 5 stars all around.

Janet Chavez

Get it taken care of with just one call!

Structure Demo and Removal

Pasco junk removal also offers structure removal. Whether it be an old shed, swing set, or an old above ground pool we can take it away for you. Our skilled team members can precisely and safely tear down a shed or structure. So if you have an old deck, fence or anything else that needs to be taken down and hauled away give us a call.

Concrete Demo and Removal

Our team also specializes in concrete removal. Whether you have an old driveway or a patio that needs to be removed our team can cut it up and remove it and pieces. All debris will be removed and taken away.

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